About Us


Annalisa Dastrù  is uniquely skilled in the field of bespoke destination planning having  24 years experience in the tourism industry, the last 10 years as private owner of BRAMAFAM, a boutique incoming travel agency specializing in customized and luxury holidays in Italy.  
Annalisa’s  passion for Italy have culminated in 2014 in the founding of two parent projects of Bramafam, www.Chic&Suites.com  and www.mypiedmont.it,
this one dedicated to her beloved home region.   

Dear Italy Lovers,

welcome in Chic&Suites, a new website managed by  Bramafam. After ten years  experience  with Bramafam on the pure travel tailoring,  I decided to create a  new project, Chic&Suites, where you can  partecipate, in a more autonomous way, on the tailoring of your dreamed holiday in Italy.

Chic&Suites aims  to be an imaginary Travels Tailor where you can find inspiration  among several trips ideas and special experiences. You can chose among the different Holidays Packages  and LifeStyle Experiences; you can create your personal wish list  and let me just  finalize your program upon the personal information you will send to me.

BEHIND THE NAME -  With Chic&Suites I wanted to work on my definition of Luxury Travel.

CHIC stays for my personal concecpt of “chic”, something that is not only stylish, cool, great, glamorous but most  of all is “my special individual passion,”  something different and classy withouth beeing flashy.

SUITES stays for the refined quality and elegance  of the boutique hotels, country resorts and charming hotels I’ve personally chosen for you.

I believe that luxury is relative, every one has a different idea about what’s luxury. For me Luxury travel is mainly  “To travel  My Way”, doing what I want, following my special interests and experiencing something different. It’s also have a real person that knows me and that I can talk to if something goes wrong or if I want to change anything in my  plan. 

This is exactly what you can do with Chic&Suites: chose your “Chic” among the several  holiday pacakages, Inspiring Experiences and elegant Suites  and let me assist you in your planning!  Under my guidance and expertise you will have fun to tailor your italian experience and become active member of  those travellers  like us.   


Annalisa Dastrù