That's Amore!

We wanted to borrow the title of the 1952 years celeb song of Dean Martin, That’s Amore, as signature of our special romantic holidays because romance really runs rich through Italy’s veins!

Thousands years of history, culture and cuisine have combined to create an atmosphere of fabulous food, subdued music, charming villages. The magical countryside offers the perfect conditions for a romantic honeymoon: winding lanes, intimate hotels, and a warm and enthusiastic reception wherever you go.

Italy offers a variety of romantic getaways to fit any budget and a most famous sight isn't always the most swoon-worthy. Besides Icons of classical romance as wandering hand-in-hand along the narrow streets of Venice;  pausing to see the sunlight dance on the water of a Roman mountain or watching the sun set over the terracotta rooftops of Florence your can find  Alternatives as biking around shady streets and catch most romantic corners of a village or tour splendid gardens, breathing in the scent of citrus trees  and bathing nymphs…  
Perhaps you prefer to live your italian romance on the paths of classical authors as Shakespeare;  or recharge a romance with a rustic retreat in a country villa without mentioning the pleasure of  indulging in the magic and aristocratic atmospheres of our Northern lakes.  

Whether you want a spectacular romantic stay or an intimate celebration  of your love,  think about anything other than having a fabulous time.

Let us plan the stay that reflects your romantic side!  


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