5 Stars Emotions

Luxury is subjective, just because a hotel has five stars plastered on board outside doesn’t necessarily mean itsgoing to match your exact requirements.

Luxury is not something clearly definable, rather a malleable, fluid quality that depends on individual needs. A common perception of luxury might be reclining on a sun-kissed beach while being fanned and fed-grapes, this could be the worst nightmare of someone who enjoys active, adventure holidays.

We believe that a  luxury holiday isn't so much about the destination but the experience of where you stay.

Here we want to share with you our idea of  extra – luxury: something different from affordable luxury and mainly distinguished by  Uniqueness.   

Everyone once in a life has dreamed about something Unique: this is our idea of 5 stars Emotions.

What Uniqueness means? 
We believe that Uniqueness is the fascinating result of a combination of different  luxury components as.

Something new and valuable.

The quality of carefully choosing something as the best or most suitable.

Prestigious locations 
Best venues, qualified to host the most memorable events.

Limited availability
We will draw something special just for you.

Skill and Expertise
Strategic importance of the "hospitality element".

Culture of Service
The important aspects of culture for international customer needs. 

The product as priority
To meet the clients expectations.

To experience things that are typical for that area.

Real relationships
Open and honest relationship at any time to create joy,happiness and satisfaction.

More Privacy and less Ostentation
A quieter, more discreet style of luxury.


We have  variety  of options and suggestions;
             just let us make you part of  our Unique Italy.


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