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Stradivari, the Myth

A musical journey in the  lutery tradition of Cremona, the city of violin making 

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A special day tour that will lead you through the magical world of music, the violin and violin craftsmanship. Cremona violin making has a rich heritage, reflected in the precious stringed instruments of the greatest masters of the classical Cremonese instruments. In this special tour of the town you will have the opportunity of visiting the newly established Violin Museum with a futuristic auditorium with perfect acoustics. The museum houses the Bowed String Instrument Collection with the priceless masterpieces by Antonio Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri. We will be charmed by the unique sound of these invaluable instruments during a brief hearing, and we will discover the secrets of the wood and construction methods of the ancient tradition of Cremona. Finally experience the special atmosphere of a local violin workshop where you can see the violin maker at work, touch the wood that will become an instrument played in the most important theatres of the world and feel the smell of paints and enamels and go back to 1700 to the Myth: Antonio Stradivari



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