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Food Safari in the Amalfi Coast

The Divina Costiera from a different Perspective 

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A very special tour for those people believing that you can understand people and places from local food culture and tradition. The Amalfi Coast from a food perspective is a truly memorable experience for your palates as each coastal village has its traditional cuisine and specialized recipes. Firts of all the Lemon from Amalfi used for Limoncello liquor but also in the locals pastries. The leaves of lemons are also used to cook some white meat as rabbit. 

In Minori village you will taste local pasta , as Scialatielli and Ndunderi. If seafood is your fancy, Praiano and Furore fiord have a specialty dish you must try consisting of squid and potatoes cooked in a cherry tomato sauce as well clams, shell fish, sardines. Ravello and Scala villages are known for special pork and fennel sausages while Tramonti valley is perfect for mozzarella cheese and the pizza world known. At the end of this intensive food day you might appreciate a tasting of two delicious pastry, a delicious sfogliatella from Conca dei Marini- here called Santa Rosa- and the unusal cake of chocolate and aubergines from Maiori village.



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